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Level 1 – Certificate In Book Keeping For Basic Accounting



Apply now for the Level 1 – Certificate in Bookkeeping for Basic Accounting. A UK Accredited IAB programme approved by the Ministry of Education of Brunei Darussalam.

Our next enrolment is in July 2018!

Level 3 – Diploma in Accounting and Advanced Bookkeeping

No Qualifications Required


Apply now for the UK Accredited IAB programmes approved by the Ministry of Education of Brunei Darussalam. Our next enrolment is in July 2018.

Diploma Level 3 – Cost and Management Accounting


Requires knowledge of Accounting and/or other related qualification


We are offering a 1 year UK Accredited Level 3 IAB Diploma (VRQ) programme that has been launched in January 2018 for its very 1st Batch. Apply for the Second Batch in Cost and Management Accounting (CMA) this June/July 2018 to further your Accounting and Bookkeeping career

Countdown for IAB Diploma - AAB & CMA

June/July 2018

2018/06/30 17:00:00


Accounting skills are the bedrock of micro businesses today. Without doubt, they:

  • Enhance job prospects
  • Help business owners thrive
  • Open doors to new opportunities

Whether you are a start-up company, need a career change or want to study for your future, the IAB Bookkeeping qualification offers the ‘best for business’ choice and a selection of bookkeeping skills to help you train to be a bookkeeper.

The International Association of Book-keepers (IAB) is the leading awarding and supervisory body for professional bookkeepers in the UK. We are offering two types of programmes:

  • Level 3 Diploma in Accounting and Advanced Bookkeeping
  • Level 3 Diploma in Cost and Management Accounting

Celebrating 40 years of empowering people across the globe, it’s a not-for-profit organisation, which promotes the professional status of bookkeepers.

UK and MOE Brunei Accredited programmes

This program is accredited by Ofqual (British Education Statutory Body) and MKPK (Majlis Kebangsaan Pengiktirafan Kelulusan).

1 Year Diploma

The programmes comprises of 1 year intensive education in accounting & advance bookkeeping.

No Qualification Required

There is no qualification required to enrol for IAB Diploma programmes.

Blended Program

The student can learn from classroom and/or online learning through our Virtual Learning Environment system and our Mobile App



Decades of best practice

Founded in 1973, the IAB is both an awarding and professional body. Today, celebrating over 40 years of success, it not only offers a host of accredited bookkeeping and business qualifications, it also supports and regulates professionals on their career path.

Promoting new opportunities

Young people and start-up businesses need a helping hand, the chance to gain skills and move ahead. The IAB supports many initiatives to make this happen.It collaborated with the Financial and Legal Skills Partnership to pave the way for new bookkeeping and payroll qualifications and apprenticeships.


Decades of best practice

With over 10,000 members across 60 countries, the International Association of Book-keepers (IAB) is one of the most prestigious, not-for-profit organisations for professional bookkeepers in the world.

Regulated by Ofqual, the IAB is both a government-approved and statutory supervisory body. Setting world-class standards, it offers students worldwide, the chance to gain the very best financial qualifications, as well as lifelong skills..

How to reach us

Unit 3, 3rd Floor, Spg 158, Sg. Akar Central Building, Jalan Subuk BC3915

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